Ode to LISP <3 !

December 16, 2014

Finally, after a long time, I started my journey into the magical world of LISP– something I’ve pined for long.

And began learning so many new things that I felt I should record my discoveries somewhere, more like a ‘travelogue’ (or a monologue? :)).

Perhaps, someone travelling or planning to take this path will find it useful in someway, someday…?


First, I made sure I had the following things sorted out:

And soon, I obtained my first “Hello World” by typing and ‘evaulating’ the following function at the REPL prompt:

(format t "Hello World ! :) ~%")
;; ~% stands for our ubiquitous "\n" (newline) character...


Hello World ! :)

A Beautiful, minimalist language…

Among many things, I learnt that LISP is –

LISP pioneered/introduced almost all of the various innovative features of the many popular dynamic programming languages in use today.

Note: Well, this ‘Hello’, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg or rather the ‘ice-breaker’ of our conversation about LISP. Sit tight & brace yourself, as we sail along uncharted territories, exploring some truly ingenious ideas of Functional Programming in general & LISP in particular.

Many more articles to come showcasing the power & elegance of this classic programming language!

Note: Some work in Scheme, working through the legendary SICP is here

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